Custom Wearables


Main Features Of Our Custom Wearables

Tag With Me's custom wearables offer our partners unique and innovative methods of enabling visitor and parties that do not have smartphones to get involved with the fun.

Works both indoors and outdoors

Our range of technologies can provide interactive experiences both outdoors in areas such as parks and indoors within museums and art galleries.

No internet required

Our treasure hunt apps are capable of working fully offline allowing them to function in locations with no internet connectivity.

Location based

Our app communicates regularly with sensors around the park to give the user an up-to-date idea of where they are located and what to keep an eye out for.

Timed Reaction Challenges

At each location, the user will be given a reaction challenge. They must complete this challenge within the given time to earn a point.

Your Benefits

Customised Interactive Wearable

Our customised wearables offer a range of benefits at locations shared by the treasure hunt feature. Using the location sensors around the project site a variety of users can get involved with an alternative experience.

Individual users that do not have access to a smartphone can complete the treasure hunt, and parties can use the devices to get involved in a group game.