Treasure Hunts


Main Features Of Treasure Hunts

Our treasure hunts offer various different activities for visitors to get involved in when exploring their surroundings. At every location the will be given one of the following:

Scan Me

Using advances in AI visitors are challenged to use their smartphone camera to find specific objects.

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Tag Me

Visitors are challenged to locate and tap a nearby tag encouraging exploration.

Answer Me

Location-based questions can be used within the treasure hunt to both educate and entertain visitors.

Teach Me

Educational content can be automatically displayed when entering specific areas to provide location relevant facts.

Works both indoors and outdoors

Our range of technologies can provide interactive experiences both outdoors in areas such as parks and indoors within museums and art galleries.

No internet required

Our treasure hunt apps are capable of working fully offline allowing them to function in locations with no internet connectivity.

Your Benefits

Pervasive app-based interactive treasure hunts

Visitors are challenged to find a number of locations around your attraction/park encouraging them to explore new areas and remain engaged. Once a location is "found" the visitor then completes an interactive challenge such as Scan me, Tag me, Answer me or Teach me.

Small IoT devices are used to recognise visitors' location both indoors and outdoors to automatically display location-relevant information within the app.