Tag in the park - Rufford Country park

An interactive treasure hunt around Rufford country park - available to download now.

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Interactive treasure hunt

The treasure hunt encourages visitors to explore Rufford Country park in order to find each of the 16 locations hidden around the park to increase engagment and promote physical activity with the built in step count.

The screen shows images of the locations still to be found as well as informing visitors as they approach a location. Once a location is visitied an interactive activity is presented including searching for and tapping a tag, AI sculture detection using the smartphone camera and educational quizes about the history of Rufford.

Map + guide

In addition to the treasure hunt game, the app includes a map of the park and an information about many of the historical aspects located within the park

Promotes physical activity

A built in step counter and treasure hunt locations all around the park encourages visitors to walk

Works offline

The app is capable of operating offline with no requirement for internet access

AI object recognition game

The camera game requires visitors to find a sculpture using the camera which is then detected by our Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Tagging game

Visitors must hunt for a nearby tag and tap it with their phone

Educational quiz

Location-based information is provided and quizes enable the app to be educational as well as fun

AI object recognition
camera game

During this interactive game visitors must scan a nearby sculpture or landmark using their camera. The built in AI will automatically detect when the landmark has been found.

Tagging game

Once a tagging location has been found, visitors must search for a nearby Tag In The Park tag and tap their phone against the tag to earn the location point.

Location-based quiz

The treasure hunt also includes location-based quizzes in key locations, educating visitors about the history of Rufford Abbey.

Informative tour guide

In addition to the treasure hunt game an informative guide about the history and attractions at Rufford Abbey country park is included within the app.