Custom Guide and Game Apps for Tourist Attractions

Offering location-based automated guides, AI recognition and interactive treasure hunt apps for parks, cultural destinations and visitor attractions.


Main Features Of Tag With Me

Tag With Me provides attractions with fully custom apps who want to engage their audience through location-based app content.

AI exhibit recognition

Automatically recognise exhibits using the smartphone camera and AI to provide relevant information or videos to visitors.

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Treasure hunts

Provide an interactive experience for children through a treasure hunt app where visitors aim to find all of the locations.

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Automated audio, video and text guides

Offer automated guides that as visitors walk into a room or exhibit the relevant text, audio or video guide begins playing.

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Custom wearable

Our custom wearable is ideal for groups of children who complete an interactive treasure hunt around your attraction on their wrist.

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Tag in the Park

Tag in the Park has been developed in collaboration with Rufford Abbey Country park in Nottinghamshire. The app provides an interactive treasure hunt around the park, encouraging visitors to explore the park and promote physical activity.

Within the treasure hunt visitors are challenged to find 16 locations and complete an interactive game at each location including scanning a nearby sculpture using AI, finding and tapping a tag or completing education quizzes.

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Tag 4 Active Lives

Tag 4 Active Lives at Highbury Hospital offers a fresh and innovative way for service users to explore the hospital grounds. Previously service users walked the "Highbury Mile" as part of their exercise regime but this became repetitive and mundane for patients.

Tag 4 Active Lives provides a unique treasure hunt experience to keep service users engaged while completing the "Highbury Mile". Users scan co-created objects using AI, tap tags around the route and answer educational and supportive information while completing the walk.

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